Trench Compost Turning Machine in Peru.

Trench compost turning machine is usually called rail type compost turner, track type compost turner and compost turning machine. You can use it to manage manure (Such as chicken manure, cow dung, pig manure and other organic waste.) in the organic fertilizer plants. And the compost turner machine is suitable for aerobic fermentation. And you can use it in conjunction with solar fermentation chambers, fermentation tanks and moving machines. In addition, this type compost turning machine we produce can realize multi-tank work, which can meet the production demand of 10-50 tons per hour. And here we have a case for your reference, selling our compost machine to a Peruvian customer.

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What raw materials does customer want to dispose with our compost making machine in Peru?

Firstly, our customer told us he has a large dairy factory, and he want to buy a new compost turner machine to treat dairy manure. Then, he also wants to add 20-30% vegetables trash to ferment with cow manure.

That are very good raw materials for organic fertilizer production, especially dairy manure. Because the cow dung is rich in organic matter. For example, the fresh cow dung contains 15% organic manure. In addition to dairy manure, there are many other good raw materials for organic fertilizer, such as chicken manure, pig manure, horse manure and biogas residue, straw sawdust, filter mud from sugar or tea mill and so on.

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How to manage your farm manure in your fertilizer plants?

How to compost cow dung using our trench compost turner?

This is the first time our Peruvian customer has purchased our composter, and it is a new type of machine, so we introduce the compost equipment working principle to him.

This type compost turning machine is mainly composed of transmission device, lifting device, walking device and turning device. When the machine is working, the motor directly transmits power to the reducer, and then powers the drum through the sprocket. On the drum, we equipped with manganese steel turning teeth (which have certain crushing and mixing effects on the materials), and the stirring teeth are spirally distributed. It can turn the materials to a position 0.7-1 meters away in the fermentation groove. So that the materials are in full contact with the air. Finally, you can get the better organic fertilizer from cattle manure and vegetables trash.

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How does our trench type compost turner work?

Why our trench compost turner machine price is higher than the customer used before?

After visiting our equipment, our Peruvian customers are very satisfied with our equipment. However, he felt that our composter price is higher than that of the composter he used before.

During the conversation with our Peruvian customer, we learned that the compost turner he used before was an older machine. But that machine adopts the old technology and has unstable functions. And such a machine is not suitable for modern organic fertilizer plants, especially for our Peruvian customer, because he needs a compost turner with a capacity of 50 t/h. And the fertilizer machines we produce now use the most advanced technology and use durable materials. So, our equipment can not only meet your production needs, but also save resources. Therefore, the compost turner machine price is higher than the old one.

New Designed Trench Compost Turning Machine
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How much a new trench compost turner machine?

How many types compost machines in SX?

For our customer from Peru, he also wants to buy other equipment to produce organic fertilizer. In fact, we have many types organic fertilizer machines in our factory.

  • Compost turning machines.

According to the capacity of the machine, we classify the compost turning machine into small scale compost turner, medium-sized composting machine and large scale compost turner machine.

  1. Small scale compost turner in SX: SXCF-2500 trench type compost turner, self-moving type compost tuner machine.
  2. Medium-sized composting machine: trench type compost turning machine (SXCF-3000, 4000), crawler type compost turner (SXLDF-2800).
  3. Large-scale compost turner machine: wheel type compost turner, chain plate type compost turning machine and so on.
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What type compost turner machine suitable for your plant?

  • Granulating line machines.

If you want to produce organic fertilizer pellets, we also have complete granulating machines and auxiliary for granulation lines.

  1. Wet and dry granulators: We have wet type granulators (pan/disc granulator, rotary drum grabulation machine, new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum churning granulator), dry type granulator (doble roller granulator machine, flat die granulator).
  2. Rotary scrrening machine: In SX, we have powder screening machine and granule sieving machine for your choice.
  3. Packing machine: This is a automatic machine and it can improve your work efficiency. For our Peru customer, he needs this type machine in his large scale fertilizer plant with 50 t/h capacity.
  4. Belt conveyors: If you want to have a high-output organic fertilizer line, the belt conveyors are neccessary for your plants. Because they can reliaze transporting from one machine to another.
  5. Fertilizer crusher and mixers: Fertilizer grinder and mixer can be used to dispose raw materials and return materials in your fertilizer plants.

If you want to handle your farm manure into organic fertilizer or set up an organic fertilizer plant, you can contact us. We can provide you with high quality fertilizer equipment and complete organic fertilizer production lines.

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