Fertilizer grinder for sale.

Fertilizer grinder is a crushing machine. You can use it to grind the agglomerates in the materials.

In the fertilizer production process, you may use fertilizer crushers in two places. Firstly, when you ferment the organic materials, you will need it. Because a grinder can help you crush the raw materials to increase the fermentation area, which will speed up the fermentation.

Secondly, before granulating, you will use a fertilizer grinder. For better granulation, you can use fertilizer crusher to crush the powdered fertilizer.

Whether you use fertilizer crusher to process fertilizer, or other raw materials, we have a suitable crusher to meet your requirements.

Grinder for Crushing Straw and Wood

How to crush poultry and livestock manure compost?

Fermented poultry and livestock manure are easy to agglomerate because of their slightly higher water content, such as chicken poop compost, goat manure compost, pig manure compost and so on. At this time, a fertilizer grinder will help you get organic fertilizer powder you would like.

Semi-wet material crusher for manure compost.

The semi-wet material crusher is suitable for crushing manure compost with a moisture content of 20%-50%. It uses high-speed rotating blades to achieve crushing lumps. Compared with ordinary crushers, this crushing equipment has better processing effects. In addition, its inner liner is made of high-duty lining to prolong its service life.

New type vertical crusher to process livestock manure compost.

New type vertical grinder can be widely used in organic fertilizer crushing, and is a kind of adjustable crusher machine without screen cloth. This grinding machine has special material crushing blades and inspection window. You can clearly observe the crushing process and replace the wearing parts in time. What’s more, it can adapt well to materials with high water content, and it is not easy to block the materials during the crushing process.

Semi-Wet Crusher for Composting Manure
New Type Vertical Crusher Used in Organic fertilizer line
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How to manage horse manure in your fertilizer plant?

2 Compound fertilizer grinders for sale.

If you have a compound fertilizer production plant, there are two types compound fertilizer crushers for you. They are manufactured by SHUNXIN which is a professional fertilizer equipment supplier.

Medium-sized Cage crusher.

Medium-sized cage fertilizer grinder (also is called medium-size horizontal cage bars crusher) is designed according to the principle of impact breaking. The cage crusher is equipped with two sets of cage bars, and then the materials are crushed by the impact of the cage bars.

It is the ideal tool for compound fertilizer crushing, because of its high crushing efficiency and energy saving.

Chain crusher for sale.

Chain crusher can be used for crushing of block in compound fertilizer production and crushing of return materials in fertilizer production.

And we have two types: vertical chain crusher and horizontal chain crusher. The difference between the vertical chain grinder and the horizontal chain grinder is the number of rotors. The horizontal chain crusher has a double rotor, while the vertical chain crusher has a single rotor.

Medium-sized Cage Crusher for Compound Fertilizer Making Process
Chain Crusher for Fertilizer Production plant
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How to manage horse manure in your fertilizer plant?

What grinder can crush your special raw materials?

SHUNXIN Company can not only provide you with organic fertilizer grinders and compound fertilizer grinders, but also provide you with crushers for special materials. If you want to buy a urea crusher or a straw crusher, you can choose from our factory.

Urea crusher for you to choose.

If you want to make urea fertilizer pellets, it is necessary equipment for you. And SHUNXIN urea crusher is specially used for urea fertilizer production line. Our urea grinder used to grind and cut materials with gap between the roller and concave plate. When you use it, you can adjust the drum speed and diameter of the crusher to get suitable urea powder.

Small straw crusher for you.

Small straw crusher is a new type crusher in the wood powder machine market. If you want a crusher to grind the straw, it is wise to choose our small crusher. Our straw crusher not only can guarantee standard rate of the finished product, but also it occupies a small area. Moreover, it is easy to operate, and has no dust pollution.

Urea Crusher for Sale
Small Grinder for Crushing Straw and Wood
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How to manage horse manure in your fertilizer plant?

How to purchase a SHUNXIN fertilizer grinder?

There are three ways you can buy our fertilizer crusher, if you like SHUNXIN fertilizer grinders.

  • The first method. You can contact us by obtaining our mobile number. You can find our contact number on the homepage of the website or under the article, you can call us to order the fertilizer crusher you want.
  • The second method. You can get in touch with us by sending an email to our mailbox.
  • The third way. You can leave your information and needs at the end of the article, we will have professionals to contact you in time. And they will help you purchase a right grinder.

In addition, if your time is convenient, you can come to our factory to select and buy a suitable fertilizer crusher.

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