Composting dairy manure in your factory.

Composting dairy manure is the good method of processing dairy manure. Because dairy manure is rich in nutrients and organic materials. And it contains about 3 percent nitrogen ,2 percent phosphorus, and 1 percent potassium. What’s more, after composting dairy manure, these good organic matters can be retained in cow manure fertilizer, which you can use to improve the soil. Or you can use it to produce organic fertilizer and make some money. So dairy manure is a good composting ingredient. If you have large scale dairy manure, it will be a nice method for you to compost it.

Composting Dairy Manure Plant
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How to dispose dairy manure in your factory?

How to compost dairy manure?

What is composting? Composting is a method of converting organic waste into usable substances. All in all, composting dramatically reduces the amount of waste you make. Now you have a certain amount of dairy manure, how do you turn dairy manure into compost? You can follow these steps.

The steps of composting dairy manure.

  1. Firstly, you should gather dairy manure and put it in a groove or on a spare ground.
  2. Then, you can choose a right way to ferment it. And you should notice the temperature of composting processing.
  3. Finally, in order to make manure ferment better, you can use compost equipment to turn cattle manure. Because turning can allow oxygen to get to the bacteria and organisms. And the best raw material fermentation temperature is 60-70℃. If the temperature is above 70℃, you need start turning dairy manure.
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What type compost machine for composting dairy manure can SHUNXIN provide?

In order to help you compost cow dung well, SHUNXIN can provide you with high quality, high economic profit fermentation compost equipment. There are groove type compost turner, chain plate type compost turning machine, wheel type compost turner, crawler type compost turner, moving type compost turner, and dairy manure fermentation pot for composting dairy manure. They can accelerate the fermentation of cow dung and shorten the fermentation cycle. And the details are as follows.

  • Groove type compost turner for composting dairy manure..

The first is groove type dairy manure compost turner. You can treat the cow manure without pollution by using it. In addition, we have double-groove type and half-groove type to meet your different needs. And you can use this composting machine in organic fertilizer plants, compound fertilizer plants, sludge waste treatment plants, garden plants, etc.

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What are features of groove type compost turner?

The features of ShunXin groove type compost turner.

  1. Optional turning depth. The turning depth can be 0.8-1.8 meters. And we can design suitable groove type compost turner for you.
  2. Corrosion resistant and solid. Its outer body is solid and resistant to corrosion.
  3. Automation control. Centralized control by the control cabinet, so that can realize the function of manual or automatic control.
  4. Compact structure and advanced technology. The fertilizer turner machine is with compact structure, advanced technology and unique groove-type design.

Small tips:

Groove type compost turner is suitable for working in the groove, so you need to build a slot before fermentation.

  • Chain plate type dairy manure compost turner.

The second machine we want introduce is chain type dairy manure compost turner. it  is suitable for aerobic composting of dairy waste. In addition, it can work well and have high turnover efficiency in deep groove. If your fertilizer plant has a deep groove to compost cow dung, you can choose it.

Small tips:

Optional transfer vehicle can realize the use of multi-groove equipment. Under the condition of the capability of the equipment, the production scale can be expanded and the value of the machine can be increased by adding the fermentation groove.

Chain Type Compost Machine For Dairy Manure Composting
Chian Plate type Compost Turner for Cow Dung Composting
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  • Wheel type compost turner for composting dairy manure.

Wheel type compost turning machine is another groove type turning machine, whic is used for the organic fertilizer fermentation with large span and high depth of dairy litter. So you can use it in your large-sized organic fertilizer factory.

  • Its main structures and working principle.
  1. Wheel teeth: Its wheel teeth are sturdy and durable and can compost better.
  2. Lifting system: Hydraulic listing system makes the turning machine continuously go up and down.
  3. Control cabinet: Centralized control by the control cabinet, so manual or automatic control functions can be realized.

Advantages of wheel type compost turner.

The machine has many advantages, for example:

  • The high turning depth and large turning span. The depth can be 1.5-3 meters and span can be 30 meters.
  • Energy saving. The energy consumption of the same operating volume is 70% lower than that of the traditional turning equipment.
  • Turning with no dead angle. The turning process is symmetrical without dead angle.
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  • Crawler type compost turner to compost dairy manure.

If you don’t want to compost cow dung in the groove, it is the best choice to use the crawler type compost turner. Because the crawler type compost turning machine belongs to the ground pile fermentation mode. And it is the most economical mode of saving soil and human resource at present.

Performance characteristics.

Performance characteristics of crawler type compost turner are as following.

  • Low emissions. Our machine is operated through its own diesel engine, which uses international famous brand Weichai with low emissions.
  • Easy to operate. This compost turner machine has no steering wheel, the drivers simply control two bars, then the machine can move flexibility.
  • Save the space, time, diesel, manpower and shorten the fermentation cycle.

Small tips

(1) The material needs to piled into a stack before turning.

(2) The machine needs a person to control when it turns the materials.

Crawler Type Windrow composting Turning Machine for Cow Manure Disposal
Windrow Composting Process for Cattle Manure Handling
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  • Moving type compost turner for composting cow manure

Moving type compost turner for composting dairy manure is also called self-moving type compost turner. And it is main machine in the production of the bio organic fertilizer special machine. If your fertilizer plant is a bit small and you like to compost dairy litter on the ground, you will want to buy it.

The moving type compost turner has four wheels, so it can move forward, backward and turn freely. And we installed the rotary knives on the strong rotary drum, which is used to turn, loosen, move. Finally, the turner pass and  turn dairy manure become a new rickety pile.

Advantages of moving type compost turner.

Moving Type Compost Turning Machine For Dairy Manure Management
Self-Propelled Compost Turner for Manure Management

3 advantages of self-moving composting turner.

  • Good adaptability to the site. The machine not only work in the open space, but also be carried out in the workshop.
  • Affordable price. The equipment is suitable for vast farmers to invest and set up their own organic fertilizer factories.
  • Low energy consumption and large output.

Small tips:

  1. The material needs to piled into a stack before turning.
  2. The machine needs a person to control when it turns the materials.
  3. The width of the fertilizer piles cannot exceed the width of the moving type compost turner.
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How to use 4-wheels compost making equipment for cow dung composting?

  • Dairy manure fermentation pot.

If you don’t like above compost turners, you can choose our fertilizer cylinder. It will be the best choice to achieve the resource utilization of waste for most dairy farm. Because it can effectively shorten the fermentation time and has the advantages of wide applicability, less pollution, convenient maintenance, which is the ideal machine for dispose various organic waste.

The overall appearance shape of dairy manure fermentation tank is cylindrical. And it mainly made of stainless steel plate, whose volume is in 5㎥to 150㎥. Its mixing device is a durable mixing plate. In addition, we designed checking door to facilitate you to view the inside of the fermentation tank. What’s more, you can customize one according to your need.

Aerobic Fermentation Tank for Dairy Waste composting
Fermentation Pot for Dairy Manure composting Plant

What are the characteristics of dairy manure fermentation tank?

  1. Control automatically. The whole process is controlled automatically without the operator.
  2. Covering less space. One fermentation machine only covers an area of 10 m2-30 m2.
  3. Low consumption. It adopts high-temperature fermentation technology, so it use less resources. And the organic conversion rate of organic compost can reach 90% of amount waste.
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How long does dairy manure take to compost?

It will take about 3 months, if you use natural compost. But the traditional composting not only wastes manpower and time-consuming, but also pollutes the environment greatly.

Now composting equipment began to appear on the market. Therefore, with the help of composting equipment, the cycle of organic fermentation can be significantly shortened. For example, the organic fertilizer fermentation pot of SHUNXIN can shorten the fermentation time to 7-15 days. Now you can dispose dairy waste rapidly by using composting equipment in a short time.

How much space is needed for composting dairy manure?

To start composting dairy manure, you have to consider the composting site. However, the size of the space depends on the amount of cow dung and the area occupied by the fermentation equipment. So you need know the following things.

  1. You need to determine the daily output of each cow, and know the amount of raw materials you want to compost.
  2. What you have to determine is the fermentation method. Because the method of fermentation determines the choice of the next fermentation equipment.
  3. The appropriate fermentation equipment is selected according to the size of the cow dung and the fermentation method.

Plan the above three aspects well, then you will know clearly how much space you need to start your organic fertilizer fermentation project.

Small Scale Composting Dairy Manure Plant Space
Cow Dung Powder Making Plant
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How to build a dairy manure compost plant?

The price of cow dung composting machine.

Different specifications of dairy manure fermentation and composting equipment, the prices will be different. But each of our equipment is produced and sold by ourselves. So, there is no middleman, the price of every product is the ex-factory price. If you want to customize a suitable fermentation and composting equipment, or want to know the latest composting equipment quotation, please contact us.

In addition, we not only have large-scale composting machine, but also have medium-sized composting equipment and small-scale fermentation compost equipment. If you want to manage your dairy manure better, you also can contact us.

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