Top reasons to use large scale composting equipment.

Large scale composting equipment is suitable for large scale organic fertilizer plants to treat organic waste. And using large scale compost turning equipment to compost organic materials has many advantages. There are 3 top reasons of using large composting machine.

  1. Using large composting equipment can make the production process more automated, and you will need fewer employees. This means your fertilizer plant is easier to manage and more efficient in production.
  2. Using large scale composting turner, you can speed up production. So that when you receive the customer order, you can quickly produce the compost that the customer needs.
  3. Large-scale composting machine can save resources more. And mass production means that your customers can buy the compost they need at one time, which can help you make more profits in a short time.
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What composting method is suitable for large scale composting equipment?

The current common composting methods are aerobic composting, anaerobic composting and vermicomposting. But our large scale composting equipment adopts the oxygen-consuming composting method.

Aerobic composting is a process in which aerobic bacteria absorb, oxidize and decompose organic waste under the conditions of good ventilation and sufficient oxygen. And our compost turning machines can crush, turn, and mix the organic waste efficiently, so that it promote the raw materials fermentation.

Now the aerobic composting method can be subdivided into groove composting method, windrow composting method, tank composting method. And no matter what method you want to use, we can provide you with the right equipment.

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4 different types of large-scale composting equipment.

In order to treat different organic raw materials, SHUNXIN producted many large compost turning machines. And we will introduct 4 different turners for you. In addition, if you want know others, you can contect us.

wheel type compost turner disposes a lot of cow dung.

The one is large-scale cow dung wheel type compost turning machine. You use it to make organic compost from a lot of cow dung. And it can not only turn waste into treasure, reduce environmental pollution, but also provide fertilizer for agriculture.

The large-scale cow dung wheel type compost turner also has many advantages. For example:

  1. The high turning depth. The depth of the large-scale cow dung wheel type compost turner can be 3 meters.
  2. The large span. The span of the large-scale cow dung wheel type compost turner can be 30 meters.
  3. Easy to use and maintain.
ShunXin Wheel Type Compost Turner Machine for Organic Waste Composting
Composting Turner for Large Scale Swine Waste disposal

  • How does the large-scale cow dung wheel type compost turner work?

Then you can know the large-scale cow dung wheel type compost turner working principle.

It mainly adopts the chain transmission device in the middle of the equipment to drive two large roulettes for symmetrical turning. And the equipment is equipped with a speed-adjustable displacement trolley which can move left and right consumption, and complete large-span turning work without dead ends.

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Treatment of Large-scale Pig Manure by Large scale groove type compost turner.

Groove Type Compost Turner for Large Scale Pig Manure Aerobic Fermentation

The large-scale pig manure groove type compost turning machine is suitable for pig manure aerobic fermentation. And you can use it in conjunction with solar fermentation chambers, fermentation tanks and moving vehicles. Except pig manure, this equipment also can compost other organic waste such as chicken manure, cow manure, etc., and has the advantages of high degree of automation and low operating cost.

In addition, you should do the daily maintain to prolong the compost turner service life.

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  • How do you do the daily maintenance of the large-scale pig manure groove type compost turner?

  1. Oil the bearings regularly. You need to check the oil position of the reducer and change the oil regularly.
  2. Remove residue. After each use, you must remove the residue on and around the machine clearly.
  3. Lubricate each lubrication point after each use.
  4. After the large-scale pig manure groove type compost turning machine is finished working, you should cut off the power.

Crawler type compost turner is used to process large stacks of chicken manure.

Large-scale chicken manure crawler type turning machine is a kind of large-scale turning machines, which has the characteristics of a full hydraulic operating system, lever steering wheel operation and crawler walking.

It can turn, crush and decompose chicken manure under aerobic conditions. So it can not only increase the fermentation speed, but also effectively prevent the generation of harmful and odorous gases during the fermentation process. And this fermentation process is beneficial to environmental protection requirements.

Then you will understand the reasons for choosing large crawler type compost turner to manage chicken manure.

Composting Turner for Large Stack Chicken Manure Compost Fertilizer
Windrow Compost Turner for Manure Disposal
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  • Why choose crawler type compost turner to dispose large stacks of chicken manure?

  1. Save space, labor, diesel, and shorten the working time.
  2. No need labor to stack materials. Because the equipment is equipped with a front hydraulic push plate, the machine can be used to stack chicken poop into long strips.
  3. The overall structure of the machine is reasonable, the force is balanced, strong, good performance, easy to control.
  4. It uses diesel engine as power, crawler walking. And the power reaches the drum carrying the combined tool through the transmission system to work.
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How does the windrow compost turner work?

Large-scale fermentation tanks compost sheep manure.

In recent years, with the changes in the management and breeding methods of sheep farms, they are moving towards environmental protection and scale development. So the sheep manure produced by breeding needs to be fully utilized. And we produced large-scale sheep manure fermentation tanks to effectively deal with sheep waste. But how does the large-scale sheep manure fermentation tank work?

  • How to treat sheep manure with large-scale fermentation pot?

When the large-scale organic fermentation pot is processing compost, its control device is activated, and then the spiral blade on the shaft is driven to turn the sheep waste through the rotation of the ratchet. It can increase the contact area between the sheep manure and oxygen, so as to better complete the fermentation. Fermentation tanks solve the disadvantages of fermentation restricted by the season, and can shorten the fermentation cycle to 7-10 days.

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What should be paid attention to when using large scale composting equipment?

There are four different composting treatment machines, and you can choose the one that suits you according to your needs. However, regardless of which large scale composting equipment you use, you need to notice the following points.

  • When using a new large-scale composting equipment, you should pay more attention to the operation of each component and the temperature of the equipment. And you need ensure that the bottom of the fermentation platform is properly ventilated and oxygenated.
  • Pay attention to the height and width of the compost material. You should strictly follow the height and width of the material specified in the setting of the large-scale composting equipment. Do not exceed the composting span of the composting equipment.
  • When you stop using large composting equipment, you must remember to completely cut off the power supply.

What else machine is needed to establish a complete large-scale compost line?

As you know, establishing a complete large-scale organic compost production line can greatly improve your production efficiency. And the large-scale composting turner is the main equipment in this line. While you also need some auxiliary facilities to establish a complete large composting production line.

  1. Dewatering machine is important. You can use it for the dehydration treatment of fresh cattle manure, pig manure, chicken manure and other poultry manure with high water content.
  2. The belt conveyor is necessary. The belt conveyor mainly is used for conveying materials, which helps the whole production line well.
  3. Cache storage bin is helpful. The cache storage is helpful for the large-scale composting plant. It can help slow down the transportation of materials.
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Where to find a large scale composting equipment?

If you are going to build a large-scale organic fertilizer plant or expand your commercial composting plant, you should look for the right large-sized composting machine that suits you. So that you can produce high-quality compost in the next few years. You can find a composting equipment from 3 places.

  1. Local machinery factory. You can find the large composting machine in local factory. But if you are looking for equipment from a local machinery factory, the range of options you can choose is reduced a lot.
  2. Recommendations from people around you. This will a reasonable way to buy fertilizer equipment. However, depending on the scale of the factory or the composting technology used, the equipment you have to choose will be different.
  3. On the Internet. This is a more large place for you. Because there are a mass of information about various large-scale composting equipment on the internet.

Other place to choose large-scale compost turning machine.

In addition to above places, you also has a quick way. You can contact us directly. And we can not only provide you with high-quality, low-cost equipment, but also an opportunity to communicate with a professional team. What’s more, we can also customize large composting equipment of different specifications according to your needs. If you want to buy or have other ideas, you can call or email me.

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