We’re a reliable fertilizer equipment manufacturer to Help You produce fertilizer

We have composting machine, granulating machine, rotary drum dryer and cooler, screening machine and complete fertilizer production lines.

We Equip Team With Professional and Responsible

We have a professional design team composed of senior engineers to reseach and development of organic & compound fertilizer equipment. The fertilizer machines we provided all are high-quality and energy saving。

Our professional production team assemble machines with advanced accessories from the domestic and foreign, such as the Siemens, ABB, Schneider and other excellent accessories.

We have close sales and promotion team to provide you with professional solutions and purchasing methods. We also have free installation, debugging and other after-sale service.


Leading Brand

ShunXin was established in 2005, our products are popular all over the world.


Fertilizer Production

We have various organic & compound fertilizer production lines for you.



We work with many excellent companies such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider and so on.

Advanced Fertilizer Equipment and considerate service for you.

ShunXin has many types of composting machine, wet & dry granulating machine and all kinds of auxiliary equipment for a fertilizer production line. And we provide you with efficient and free production solutions, installation, debugging service.