When do you use small scale compost turner?

Do you want to build a small organic fertilizer plant? Are you looking for a faster way to dispose of the waste from your small farm? Or you want to invest less money to have a fermentation turning machine that can handle small-scale livestock manure. At this time, it is the best choice for you to choose a small scale compost turner. Obviously, small compost turners are used in small farms or small-scale organic waste processing. As we all know, poultry manure composting is a vital process for making organic fertilizer and the most important part of the composting process is fermentation. Compost turner can make the raw materials better contact with the air, and promote better activity of microorganisms so that you can get better fertilizer. Small scale compost turning machine used for better composting, while saving resources and improving work efficiency.

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How to manage horse manure in your fertilizer plant?

How to make compost in small quantities?

Making compost in small quantities still use the normal process. Before you begin to compost fertilizer, you should have a certain amount of raw materials. Raw materials can be livestock manure, Chinese medicine waste, mushroom waste, filter mud from sugar mill, biogas residue and crop straw and other organic waste. Next is the treatment of compost, different types of turning machines have different operating procedures. If you want compost small-sized organic materials, you should buy a small scale compost turner. If you buy our SHUNXIN equipment, we will have a professional engineer to teach you step by step operation. After a few days, the compost fermentation is finished, you can choose to pack them for sale or continue processing.

6 types of small scale compost turner for sale.

Now recommend to you high-quality, high-efficiency, high-yield small scale compost turner machines of SHUNXIN.

Small-scale groove type compost turning equipment for organic waste

If you want to compost organic waste in the groove, (for example, composting chicken poop) we think it is sensible to you to pick this kind of compost turner. The small-scale groove type compost turning machine is suitable for the fermentation of most organic waste. Its minimum turning width can be 2.5 meters and minimum turning height can be 0.8 meters. We not only support the customization of equipment according to your demand, but we have dedicated after-sales service personnel to install and debug the equipment on site to ensure that your production is successful in the following days.

Small scale crawler type compost turner for ground pile fermentation mode.

Ground Pile Composting Machine in Small Fertilizer Plant

The small scale crawler type compost turner can compost materials indoors and outdoors. And it is currently the most economical and labor-saving way of ground composting.

When you compost dairy manure by using it, you only need to pile up the cow dung into a stack, then it will be stirred and crushed at regular intervals by the tuning machine, and the decomposition of organic matter will be under aerobic conditions. The turning width can be 2.3 meters and the tuning height 0.6-1 meter (this turning machine can be customized).

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How to use crawler type compost turner in your plant?

Small self-moving type compost turning machine for bio organic fertilizer.

Small moving type compost turner is the main equipment in the production of bio organic fertilizer special machines. Because it is designed with four wheels, the machine can move forward, backward and turn around. And the operation is simple, only one person needs to control it when working. The price of the small self-moving type compost turner is quite suitable for a beginner.

Forklift type turning machine for small scale farm

Forklift type compost turner is multi-functional to compost most organic manure which has crushing function, mixing function and turning function. And just like the self-propelled composting machine, forklift type compost turner also has four wheels, which help the machine to move flexibly. It can raise the compost pile reaching a height of 2-3 meters, so the air can circulate well in the compost and speed up the fermentation.

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Small-scale chain plate type compost turner for deep groove operation.

This is a suitable for novices. In the later stage, if you want to expand the scale of production, you can choose a moving truck to realize the use of multi-tank equipment. Under the capability of the equipment, the production scale can be expanded. And the small chain type compost turner not only can adapt to different materials and perform deep trough operations, but can effectively shorten the fermentation period, improve production efficiency and product quality.

Non-polluting small fermentation tank.

If you want to use smaller land for composting pig waste, the small fermentation tank will be your ideal equipment (small fermentation machine only covers an area of 10 square meters). It can be adjusted to the high temperature of 80℃-90℃, which can kill the pest eggs completely. The important thing is that the sealed fermentation method will not pollute the environment.

In addition, like most composting turner, this fermentation pot in SHUNXIN factory can be customized too. We can design 5m3 -150 m3 different capacity and different forms (horizontal and vertical) for you to choose.

No-polluting Small fermentation tank
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How much a small fermentation pot? Contact us to know.

How much do you need to small compost turner?

We provide the standard version of the small scale compost turner, and our machines also support customization. And the price of the different designs of the composting machines is different. And composting equipment of different materials will also have different prices. No matter which product you buy, SHUNCIN will give you a good price and good service. Which one of the above six compost turning machines do you like? Or you would like to customize a composting device that is more suitable for your fertilizer plant, you can leave your contact information and needs or call us directly.

Why choose our small scale compost turner?

Now more and more customers choose our small scale compost turners, why?

First of all, our products are complete in specifications and quality, which are popular both at home and abroad. And Zhengzhou SHUNXIN engineering equipment Co., Ltd. is the leading brand of the fertilizer equipment in China, which is an environmentally-friendly and high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and manufacture of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer equipment. Our company also product granulation equipment, extrusion equipment, drying equipment, and so on. And we have a professional team, we will give you professional advice, which can help you quickly put into compost production.

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How to get a good small compost turner for your plant?

How to start a small composting fertilizer plant?

Will it be difficult to build a small fertilizer plant? This question must be the one most beginner want to ask. In fact, starting a small composting fertilizer plant only need a small-sized land, small-scale organic waste, and a small scale compost turner. Next according to the composting turner, there are 4 composting methods. They are making a groove to composting (you need build fermentation grooves), windrow composting (pile up waste into a stack), composting with forklift type compost turning machine and composting in the fermentation tank. You can select a suitable way to start your composting fertilizer production.

Build a Small Composting Fertilizer Plant

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