Compost windrow turner in Philippines.

Compost windrow turner is a kind of equipment for making compost fertilizer. Last week, on Nov. 6, 2020, our customer John from Philippines imported our crawler type compost turner machine after watching the working video of this windrow turner. And he told us he will use it to manage his dairy farm waste.

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Why Philippine customers choose ShunXin fertilizer equipment manufacturer?

In the next content, we will introduce some details of this cooperation to you. And the most important thing is to provide you with some professional questions about products from Filipino customers. If you are finding a right compost making machine, we hope this case can help you.

How to find SX machinery in Philippine?

At the beginning, the Philippine customer told us he has found many local composting equipment factories, but none of them are the machine he wants. Then he started to search online. One days later, he selected 3 fertilizer equipment manufacturers, SX is among of them.

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What can we do for our customers online?

On November 2, our salesman began to communicate with John. And the raw material is dairy manure in his farm, then he wants to produce organic fertilizer using the windrow composting method.

In our factory, we have crawler type and self-propelled compost turner for windrow composting process. So, we send the working videos of two type windrow composting machines.

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How does the windrow compost machine work in fertilizer plant?

What type of compost windrow turner is better?

Maybe just like our Philippine customer, you also have this question. So, let’s take a look at the two types of equipment together.

  1. The shaft rotary speed. The self-moving type compost can be 2200 r/m; while the crawler type compost machinery can be 2400 r/m.
  2. Capacity. The moving type compost machine can make compost with 500-1000 m3/h, and the crawler type capacity can be 500-1500 m3/h.
  3. The working principle. They use the turning teeth to turn the materials and make raw materials become fluffy.
  4. Price. The self-propelled compost turner price is lower than crawler type compost turner.

The two types compost machines are good for different fertilizer plants. So that you should purchase the right machine based on your raw materials, composting scale and budget. And John, choose the crawler type compost windrow turner, because of the large scale dairy manure composting.

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How to select right compost making machine for your plant?

How to process dairy manure with compost windrow turner?

Windrow composting is the method of making compost. And when you use this way to dispose your dairy manure, you should follow these steps.

  • Gather your dairy manure. The first step is handling your raw material ( dairy manure), you need to collect the manure and put it into compost piles.
  • Adjust the manure moisture. Before manure fermentation, you need to adjust water content of the dairy manure. For example, you should add some water into the dry materials, or use the dewatering machine to reduce the fresh manure moisture.
  • Windrow composting. Then, the dairy manure start to fermentation, and the temperature become higher. When the temperature is over 65 ℃, you need use the compost windrow turner to turn. And in the medium stage of fermentation, you need turn the compost 2-3 times a day.
  • Get the finished compost. After 7-10 days, you can see the dairy manure color become deeper,  at the same time, the temperature begin to drop to normal. Then you will finish the windrow composting.
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How to compost dairy manure in your fertilizer plant?

Other compost making machine in SX.

In addition to the compost windrow turner machines, we also have trench type compost making machine and organic fertilizer fermentation pot. And they also can be use to handle poultry manure or other organic materials. More details of the compost machines, you can refer to this page:

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