Build your own fertilizer plants – make money from waste

ShunXin provide high-quality equipment to help you build your fertilizer plants with low cost.


Professional fertilizer equipment supplier

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    • Compost Machine

    Dispose Your Farm Waste Better

    Compost machine can help you manage your farm waste better. It can shorten manure fermentation time and make organic fertilizer powder.

    • Granulating Machine

    Produce Fertilizer Granules

    Granulating machine is the key equipment in your organic & compound fertilizer production line to produce fertilizer pellets. ShunXin provide wet & dry type fertilizer granulators for your choice.

    • Auxiliary Equipment

    Auxiliaries for your fertilizer plant

    Auxiliaries are important for building complete fertilizer production lines, which make the whole fertilizer manufacturing process smooth and improve your producing efficiency.

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    The reason why our equipment is of good quality

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    Professional teams to help you start your fertilizer plants

    We have a design team composed of senior engineers to reseach and development of organic & compound fertilizer equipment and a professional manufacuturing team to assemble high-quality machines. We also have close sales and promotion team to provide you with professional solutions and purchasing methods.

    Our professional teams to help you build fertilizer plants

    Advanced fertilizer equipment

    ShunXin is dedicated to reseach, manufacture organic & compound fertilizer equipment nearly 20 years. We have many types of composting machine, wet & dry granulating machine and all kinds of auxiliary equipment for a fertilizer production line.

    Considerate service for you

    We provide you with efficient and free production solutions in pre-sale service. We can customize fertilizer machines to meet your needs and provide free installation, debugging after-sale service.


    Let’s Make Things Happen

    Your determination combined with our profession will be a great success.

    “ShunXin is a considerate fertilizer equipment supplier. In the process of building my fertilizer plant, they give me so much professional help and design a organic fertilizer production line for managing my pig manure. I have get  good economic benefit by using this organic fertilizer production line for one year  ”

    Hans A. Baker

    Pig farm owner in Spain


    Professional fertilizer equipment supplier

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