Pig farm waste management.

What will you think of when it comes to waste from pig farms? You might think it is very messy and smelly, and want to stay away from the pig farm. But you may also think of using it to make more wealth. In addition, with the development of large-scale pig farming in recent years, pig farm waste management has become more and more important. There is a better method to treat pig farm waste, which is turning hog waste into organic fertilizer.

Now, you must know why you use pig manure to make organic fertilizer. Yes, because it is rich in organic matter. In addition, driven by various reasons, the business of turning pig manure into organic fertilizer is getting better and better.

Complete Machines for Pig Farm Waste Management
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How to dispose your pig farm waste with a better method?

How to manage pig farm waste?

Although pig farm waste will pollute water and the environment, it is different from general industrial waste. Pig manure is rich in nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, etc.). If you manage it reasonably, it can bring considerable economic benefits. Therefore, the management and utilization of pig farms waste is a major concern of the pig industry. And the current method is to use pig manure to produce organic fertilizer, which has achieved good results.

The first step of pig farm waste management.

The first step of pig farm waste management is collecting and dewatering the pig waste. This step is also called pretreatment process. In the pretreatment process, you can adjust the particle size, water content and C/N of pig manure, which can improve fermentation efficiency. For example, you can use a solid-liquid separator to dehydrate pig manure with high moisture content. Then you can use our semi-wet material crusher to crush big lump materials, and transport to the fermentation equipment after mixing evenly.

What are the ways to compost swine waste?

There are two ways to compost pig waste. One is that you can use the window pile fermentation method. If you choose this method, the composting equipment you can choose in our company includes: the groove type compost turning machine, wheel type compost turner and crawler type compost turner, etc. These compost turning machines can help you ferment pig manure well. The other is that you use a fertilizer fermentation pot to compost pig manure.

The fully fermented pig manure has no odor, no heavy metals, and no harm to plants.

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The first time you use a crusher is to crush large pieces of pig manure, in order to better ferment pig waste. But now you use the fertilizer shredding machine to crush the fermented swine waste. Because after crushing, you can sell organic fertilizer powder or granulation.

How to obtain more economic benefits by pig farm waste management?

Why use the fertilizer shredder again?

In order to obtain more economic benefits, you should improve the quality of pig manure organic fertilizer. And you can use our post-processing equipment. The post-processing equipment consists of screening machine, fertilizer mixing machine, fertilizer shredding machine, granulator, packing equipment, etc.

Is a mixer a necessary equipment?

If you want to add other materials into pig manure organic fertilizer, it is necessary for you to have a mixer. But if you only use powdered pig waste organic fertilizer to make granular organic fertilizer, you cannot buy a blender for now. However, preparing a mixer will bring you a lot of convenience, and our mixing machines have high-quality and their price are lower.

The organic fertilizer granulator for granulating process.

Granulator is necessary for granulating process. So SHUNXIN provide the new type organic fertilizer granulator and disc granulator. You can use our granulator to produce granular organic fertilizer or bio-organic fertilizer. But using the two granulators to granulate fertilizer, you need drying and cooling machine after granulation. And you can use double roller extrusion granulator, which can be produced at the room temperature without drying.

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How to produce fertilizer granules from your pig manure?

What is the function of the screening machine?

After granulation, there may be some large granular organic fertilizer that does not meet your needs. At this time, you need a rotary screening machine to help you return the unqualified granular fertilizer to the granulation system. After screening, qualified granular fertilizer can be packaged and sold to customers at a good price. Then you can obtain a good economic benefit.

Equipment for preventing secondary pollution during pig farm waste management.

Will there be secondary pollution during the production of pig manure fertilizer? How should you deal with secondary pollution? In fact, both composting and the post-processing stage may produce secondary pollution sources.The secondary pollution sources are mainly dust, noise, odor, sewage, etc. And it will pollute the natural environment and affect people’s normal life. So, in the process of processing pig farm waste into organic fertilizer, you should prevent secondary pollution sources from polluting the environment.

The solutions of removing the secondary pollution.

  • Dust handling. When you dry or cool the organic fertilizer, the induced draft fan will blow out the dust. At this time, you should stall the dust collecting machines to collect the dust. And our company has cyclone dust collector, water curtain dust collector and bag filter dust collector, you can choose one for your pig farm waste management plant.
  • The noise problem should be resolved early. You should choose organic fertilizer production equipment with low noise.
Dust Handling in Pig Manure Fertilizer Manufacturing Process
  • Sewage treatment equipment. The sewage treatment equipment is used to dispose the sewage produced by the dehydration of pig manure and the fermentation process and other sewage.
  • Deodorization work. If you compost the pig farm litter in a groove or on the ground, there will be odor to pollute environment. You can use deodorizing equipment for deodorizing work. And you also can use our organic fertilizer fermentation tank to ferment pig waste.
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How to manage dust during horse manure management process?

How about an organic fertilizer production line that treats pig farm waste?

A good organic fertilizer production line can not only deal with the pig farm waste, but also bring you good economic benefits. In addition to treat pig farm waste, the pig manure organic fertilizer production line can dispose other animal manure, such as cow manure, chicken manure, rabbit manure, etc. Then we take a pig manure organic fertilizer production line as an example, you will find that investing in an organic fertilizer production line is very worthwhile.

The advantages for building pig manure management plant.

  1. Low cost. The raw material resources are abundant, and the cost of raw materials is low. You can buy the pig waste from a large-scale pig farm at a lower price. What’s more, you can buy the fertilizer equipment of the organic fertilizer production line in our company at a lower price.
  2. Good prospects. As people’s demand for organic food increases, so will the demand for organic fertilizer. In addition, at present, more than 70 countries are promoting the use of organic fertilizers in the world, and many countries are supporting the development of organic fertilizers.
  3. High return on investment. The profit of organic fertilizer is greater than that of chemical fertilizer, and the quality of organic fertilizer produced by our equipment is good, and you will get better economic benefits.
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How much start-up capital do you need to build a small pig farm waste management plant?

The start-up money for the building a small pig farm waste management plant should include these aspects.

  • Factory rent.

You must have place to treat pig farm litter firstly. And the price is different in different place, you should have a detailed survey before renting a venue so that it is easier to find a suitable place. In addition, you should understand the local policy and ask the staff whether there is a subsidy for building an organic fertilizer plant. If there is a subsidy, you can save some money.

  • The money for buying fertilizer equipment.

Fertilizer equipment is necessary for processing pig farm waste into organic fertilizer. You need choose the fertilizer equipment machines which are suitable for you. And if you buy organic fertilizer machines from a good fertilizer equipment manufacturer, you can also save a lot of money. As a company with 20 years of experience in the production of fertilizer equipment, SHUNXIN‘s products are sold at ex-factory prices.

  • The cost of the raw materials.

If you do not have a pig farm, you need to buy the raw materials. And you have to consider the transportation cost of raw materials.

You also need to pay the wages of hired workers and utilities and so on. If you want to know more about the information for establishing a small pig farm waste management plant, you can contact us.

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