Rotary drum dryer for sale.

SHUNXIN rotary drum dryer is widely used to dry humidity materials in many industries. You can use it in fertilizer production, coal mining, metallurgical and chemical industries and so on. When you use it to process fertilizer pellets, it is usually placed after granulation machines. And after drying, you can get fertilizer with a lower water content, which is convenient for your storage and transportation.

Rotary Drum Dryer in ShunXin Factory
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How does rotary drum dryer machine work?

The working principle of the SHUNXIN rotary drum drying machine is simple. So you can opreate it easily.

  • Feed the materials. First, you can use the conveyor to feed the raw materials into the rotary dryer cylinder.
  • The rotary drum drying machine starts to rotate. when you start the rotary drum dryer, the cylinder starts to rotate, and hot air flows in the cylinder to dry the materials.
  • During the drying process, the materials will move with the rotation of the cylinder. In addition, we design plates in the dryer to lift the materials. It can  increase the contact area between the materials and the hot air, and helps to improve the drying speed.
  • Finally, the dried materials will come out from the end of the rotary drum dryer.
SX Rotary Drum Dryer for Sale
Dryer for Drying Compound Fertilizer after Granulating by Rotary Fertilzier Pelletizer
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What equipment is needed for a complete drying system?

If you want to use rotary drum drying machine to dry fertilizer granules in a fertilizer manufacturing plant, you need other equipment to form a drying system.

  • Natural gas burner or hot blast furnace.

The drying heat source is necessary for the drying system. Therefore, we have natural gas burner and hot blast stove for you.

Natural gas burner is an ideal new energy drying energy equipment under national environmental protection requirements. And the hot blast furnace is suitable for large-sized materials drying process.

Natural Gas Burner and Hot Blast Furnace in Drying system
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  • Rotary drum cooler.

Granules that have just come out of the dryer cannot be packed immediately, because of a relatively high temperature. If you want to quickly reduce the temperature of the fertilizer pellets, using SHUNXIN rotary drum cooling machine will be a right decision.

  • Conveying equipment.

The belt conveyor is an important equipment to connect the drum dryer with other machines. It can help you to form a complete drying system.  In addition, a complete drying system can work efficiently and continuously.

When you use a rotary drum dryer to dry granular fertilizers, it will generate dust to pollute the environment. So, you need to install a dust removal equipment at the outlet of the dryer.

And we can provide you with three types of dust collectors, namely cyclone dust collector, water curtain dust collector and bag filter dust collector. You can choose a suitable dust collector for your fertilizer producing plant.

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How to set up a drying fertilizer line in your plant?

How much is the rotary drum drying machine?

Not only the materials can affect the price of a rotary drum dryer, but the processing capacity of the drum dryer will also affect its price.

For example, we have rotary drum dryers with different capacities. You can buy a 1-4t/h drum drying machine for your small fertilizer plant. And  you can also choose a large rotary drum dryer with 12-14t/h capacity. Generally speaking, the price of rotary dryer with large capacity will be higher than that of small capacity. However, although the price of the dryer will vary with the change in processing capacities, all our drying equipment price is lower.

If you want to purchase our rotary drum drying equipment, you can tell us the dryer specification you need by email or phone.

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