What is a pan granulator?

Pan granulator is a type of granulator. You can use the disc granulator to form a complete fertilizer production line with other fertilizer equipment. Generally, it is suitable for producing granular fertilizer in organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer production plant. As a granulator, Shunxin disc granulating machine is an ideal equipment. Because it is not only durable, but also has the advantages of uniform granulation and high granulation rate. Our granulating pan adopts an overall arc structure, and the granulation rate can reach above 93%. In addition, there are various types different specifications of disc granulator for you to choose. And you can tell us your needs, we will help you customize a fertilizer granulator that suits you best.

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2 types of disc granulator for making granular fertilizer.

In SHUNXIN Heavy Industry, two types pan granulators are very popular: organic fertilizer pan granulator and compound fertilizer disc granulator. If you would like to manufacture organic fertilizer granules, you can choose organic fertilizer pan granulator. While you paln to make compound fertilizer, you can buy a compound fertilizer disc granulator.

  • Organic fertilizer pan granulator.

One is organic fertilizer disc granulator. If you want to use organic waste (such as livestock manure, biogas residue, sugar factory filter mud, straw and other organic waste) to make granular organic fertilizer, our organic fertilizer disc granulator will be your ideal granulation equipment.

Pan granulator is a high-efficiency wet granulator. And the organic compost moisture content is about 30%, so the most suitable granulation method of organic compost is wet granulation. Moreover, not only can you use the disc granulator to make organic fertilizer pellets, you can also use it to make more profitable bio-organic fertilizer granules.

Pan Pelletizer for Granulating Compound Fertilizer

  • Compound fertilizer disc granulator.

Compound fertilizer pan granulator is another pan granulator. You can not only use it to produce binary compound fertilizer, such as the NP fertilizer, PK fertilizer, but also can make NPK fertilizer and other compound fertilizer pellets. In addition, according to the scale of your compound fertilizer plant, you can choose disc granulators with different diameters.

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What is the design and working principle of the pan granulator?

By reading the brief introduction of the design principles and main components of our disc granulator, you can learn more about our disc granulator. And all of our fertilizer equipment adpot advanced technology and use high-quality parts, so our products are worthy of your trust.

What are the main components of the disc granulator?

In order to manufacture high-quality nodulizer machine for you, we all use good parts. And the main components of our pan granulator are granulation disc, gears, motor and decelerator, conveyor belt, support shaft and base. And you can see the introduction of the some parts.

The granulation disc.

  • First of all, our granulating disc is a cylindrical pan, which can increase the granulation rate. And the diameter of our pelletizing disc is 0.5-3.6 meters, and we support customization.
  • Secondly, the inner lining of the pelletizing disc is glass-reinforced plastic, which has strong corrosion resistance. So you can use it to granulate with a variety of raw materials. In addition, the bottom of the pot adopts multiple radiant steel plates to make it strong and durable, without deformation.
Glass-Reinforced Plastic Granulating Pan of Disc Pelletizer
  • Finally, the granulating plate has three continuous discharge ports, which greatly reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency.
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What is the pan granulator design in SX machinery?

The motor and decelerator.

  •  You must know the importance of the motor and decelerator to the granulator. Our pan granulators use good motors which can make the granulators have a long service life. In addition, the decelerator and motor are driven by a flexible belt, which makes our granulator start steadily. This can slow down the impact on the granulator and improve the service life of the equipment.

The support shafts.

Disc Granulator Support Shaft
  • The support shafts are the support device of the granulator, they can ensure the overall stability of the granulator. And our desk granulator is designed with thick, heavy and firm base, so it operates smoothly without fixed anchor bolts.

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How does the disc granulator work?

When you know the main parts, you should understand pan granulator working principle.

  1. After installing your pan granulator, you need to feed the prepared raw materials continuously and quantitatively through the conveyor.
  2. Then the disc granulator begin to work. The motor and decelerator drive the conveyor belt to rotate the pinion gear, and the pinion gear and the big gear mesh with each other and work in reverse. The disc granulator began to make powdered fertilizer into fertilizer granules.
  3. The raw material will gradually become round pellets. When the particles are large enough, they leave the granulator through the discharge port. With the entry of raw materials and the emergence of qualified pellets, you can realize the continuous production of granular fertilizer.
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How to process fertilizer pellet with disc granulator?

How to control the size of fertilizer pellets when you use a disc granulator?

There are many factors that affect the size of the granules, among which the most influential factors are the inclination angle of the disc, the speed of the disc, the position of the scraper and the water content of the raw material, etc.

Control the inclination angle of the disc.

The inclination angle between the disc and the ground is one of the main factors, which will affect the particle size. Generally, the greater the angle of inclination between the pelletizing plate and the ground, the smaller the granules produced. And the suitable inclination angle is 50-60 degrees. You can choose the right angle to install the disc granulator according to the particle size which you need.

Adjust the water content of the raw material.

The water content of the material will also affect the particle size. If the raw material is too dry, it is difficult to form granules during the granulation process. If the moisture content of the raw material is too high, the resulting pellets will be too large. So, when you use the disc pelletizer, you should first adjust the moisture content of the raw materials, and make the moisture content at an appropriate level.

The position of the scraper is right.

In the disc granulator, we install a scraper which prevent the raw material from sticking to the pelletizing disc. You can adjust the scraper to make it in a suitable position which can help you get the right size granular fertilizer.

Pan Granulator Scraper for Cleaning Raw Material
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How does the disc granulator work in your fertilizer plant?

Compared with other granulators, what are the advantages of disc granulators?

Compared with other granulators, the disc granulator has the following advantages.

  1. The spheroidization rate is high and the large pellets produced are few. The granulation rate of the disc granulator can reach 95%.
  2. All operations are simple and intuitive. It depends on the pan rotating to granulate fertilizer granulaes. And you can clearly see the granulation process, and adjust it in time according to the granulation situation.
  3. The granule size is controllable. Because the size of the granules depends on the tilt rate and speed of the disc, and you can adjust them to a suitable level.
  4. Less investment. You can use our pan granulators to make many fertilizer pellets. And its cost is lower than other types of granulators.
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Where can you buy a pan granulator with good quality and cheap?

There are many disc granulators on the market, and the price of disc granulators is higher or lower. But as a fertilizer manufacturer, you must hope to buy a pan fertilizer pelletizer that is high quality and cheap. You should know that the price of the pelletizer is not only affected by the material, but also by the region and sales method. Generally, in cities with low consumption, the price of disc pelletizers is relatively lower.

  • Find the manufacturer in low-consumption areas.

Disc granulator manufacturers in different regions have different prices for disc granulators, because of various reasons (local wages, rent, etc.). You should choose a disc pelletizer manufacturer in some cities where consumption is relatively low. For example, Zhengzhou SHUNXIN has been committed to the development and production of fertilizer equipment over 30 years. We have rich experience in the production of pan granulator. And we constantly integrate advanced accessories from domestic and foreign, such as Siemens, Schneider, ABB and other production accessories to ensure that each of our equipment can operate stably for a long time.

Pan Granulator Machine for Fertilizer Pelleting
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  • Choose a source manufacturer online.

If you choose a manufacturer that produces and sells its own disc granulator, so the price is generally lower than that of the distributor. And SHUNXIN is one Source manufacturer. You can get a high-quality pan granulator at a lower cost in our plant. Moreover, from pre-sales to after-sales, we have caring services. You can not only buy a satisfactory disc granulator from our company, but also our high-efficiency production line.

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