Rotary screening machine introduction.

Rotary screening machine is a common equipment in the fertilizer production. In your organic fertilizer plant and compound fertilizer plant, you can use it to  separate the finished products and returned materials. It can also realize the classification of finished products, and make the finished products evenly classified. In addition, before fermenting the organic raw materials, you can also use a rotary screening machine to process the raw materials. And it can remove the plastics, stones and other impurities in the raw materials. After screening, the raw materials are purer and you can get better compost.

SHUNXIN Heavy Industry produce a new screen separator machine, which can be used in organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer production lines. You can also use it to screen other solid materials with a particle size less than 300mm. Moreover, our screening machine has a long service life, and its screening capacity can reach 1 t/h-20 t/h.

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How does the rotary screening machine separate materials?

First, when you install the rotary screening machine, it will have a certain slope with the ground. Therefore, due to the tilt and rotation of the roller, when the materials enter the roller device, the materials will continue to turn and roll.

Then, those materials smaller than the mesh will roll out from the screen of the sieve drum, while materials larger than the mesh will be discharged from the end of the drum.

Finally, you can separate the particles you want from other materials.

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Why do so many customers choose SHUNXIN rotary screening machine?

SHUNXIN Heavy Industry is a well-known fertilizer equipment manufacturer in China. We have been engaged in the research and production of fertilizer equipment for over 20 years, and our customers are all over the world. Not only do they like our high-quality fertilizer equipment, they are also very satisfied with our service and give high ratings.

In addition, SHUNXIN rotary screener is a new type self-cleaning special equipment. And our expert group spend many days to produce it. It has many advantages, such as:

  1. The machine does not clog easily, when you use the screening machine normally.
  2. Longer service life. Because we use special screens to make it durble and improve the screening efficiency.
  3. The rotary screening equipment can operate smoothly and will not pollute the environment.
  4. The screener has a simple structure and is convenient for maintenance, etc.
Rotary Screening Machine for screening unqualified pellets

If you need a screening machine, SHUNXIN rotary screening euipment is a good choice.

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