Auxiliary machines

In the fertilizer production lines, auxiliary machines are also important. Because they can make the whole fertilizer production process smoothly and improve your work efficiency. Therefore, just like choosing a compost machine or a fertilizer granulator, you should carefully choose the appropriate auxiliary equipment.

As a fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we have complete auxiliary equipment: batching machine, fertilizer grinder, blender(mixer), rotary screening machine, fertilizer coating machine, belt conveyors and packing machine, etc. And if you want to dispose other materials with our fertilizer equipment, you can contact us.

Next, let’s take a look at the role of each machine in your fertilizer production plants.

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What the role of auxiliaries in your fertilizer plants?

Auxiliary equipment in composting process.

  1. Dewatering machine. When you prepare compost, if the raw material is fresh animal manure, the dewatering machine is neccessary to reduce the water content.
  2. Fertilizer grinder. In the fertilizer production process, there must be some big lumps, especially in the organic fertilizer production line. So the crusher is necessary for you, and it can crush the raw materials to meet the compost or granulation conditions.
  3. Fertilizer blender. When you compost, you need the mixer to mix the raw materials and bacterial evenly. And when you granulate, you can use our mixing machine to mix different materials in your small fertilizer plants.
  4. Belt conveyors. Belt conveyors can connect individual machines to make the entire production line continuous. Stable production of fertilizers. At the same time, improve your work efficiency.
Auxiliary Machine in Composting Line
Vertical Crusher in Composting process
BB Fertilizer Mixer
Auxiliary for Conveying Materials

A new dewatering machine for adjust the raw materials moisture to meet the compost conditions in the organic fertilizer plants.

New type vertical crusher is a adjustable grinder without screen cloth. It can be used widely in the fertilizer production lines.

BB fertilizer mixer is a special equipment for produce bulk blending fertilizer. It is the ideal chioce in BB fertilizer manufacturers.

Bucket elevator is a conveyor, it can  help you transport raw materials and fertilizer from low to high positions in your fertilizer plants.

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How to compost with composter and auxiliary in your plant?

Auxiliary machines for granular fertilizer production line.

  1. Batching machine. When you process fertilizer which includes various materials, the batching equipment can help you quantify the ingredients. And make your fertilizer more up to the standard.
  2. Rotary screening machine. Before composting and granulating, you need to make sure the materials (or products) is qualified. In this time, the rotary screener can help you.
  3. Fertilizer coating machine. In order to improve your fertilizer products quality, we provide you with a fertilizer coating machine. And you can also use it to produce bio-organic fertilizer.
  4. Packing machine. Automatic packaging machine can improve your work efficiency and save more manpower. Of course, you can use workers instead. But it is best to use automatic packaging machines in medium and large fertilizer plants.
Batching Machine In Fertilizer Granulation Line
SEEC Rotary Screening Machine
Auxiliary Machine for Coating Fertilizer
Double Buckets Fertilizer Bagging Machine for Sale

The dynamic batching machine is suitable for the aite of continuous fertilizer batching. It equiped electronic belt or nuclear scale, and the host has PID regulation and alarm fuction, which can realize the automatic control of a warehouse.

The rotary screening machine is a new self-cleaning screen special equipment. It is widely applicable to sieving of various solid materials with particle size less than 300 mm. And its screening capacity can be 1 t/h-20 t/h.

The complete equipment of rotary coating machine cosists of spriral conveyor, mixing tank, oil pomp and main engine. It adopts powdering powder or liquid coating process, effectively preventing the lumps of compound fertilizer.

The automaticquantitative packing scale is designed for quantitative packing, which is divided into double bucket packing scale and sigle bucket packing scale. It adopts the integrated structure , and its quantitative precision of the system is 2%.

If you are building a new fertilizer plant or you want change your old auxiliary now, you can consider our equipment. And we always insist on providing high-quality equipment and professional services to every customer.

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