Horse manure management.

According to statistics, on average, a horse will produce about 50 pounds of manure a day.  And it is about 9 tons in a year. So the horse farm owner has to dispose horse manure. But if you use proper method, horse manure management can be beneficial to both farm and the environment. Therefore, based on years of experience, Sx fertilizer equipment factory designed an efficient and environmental fertilizer production line using horse manure as raw material. Not only can it help you treat horse manure well, but also it provides you with a way to make money. At present, many people use our horse manure organic fertilizer production line to process horse manure and have achieved success.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line for Horse Manure Management
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How to manage horse manure in your fertilizer plant?

How to eliminate the odor of horse manure?

Just like other animal manure, horse manure also produces unpleasant odor. And if you do not treat horse waste properly, it is not only odorous, but it provides prime breeding ground for flies and can contaminate ground and surface water. It will pollute the environment and may even be illegal. So, what can you do to remove the unpleasant smell of horse manure? Centralized composting would be an ideal method for you. Because centralized composting horse manure can not only help you remove the odor of horse manure at a low cost, but the thoroughly fermented horse manure can be as commercial organic fertilizer.

Horse poop compost fertilizer making process
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How to compost horse manure in your fertilizer plant?

What is the process of composting horse manure?

Our horse manure organic fertilizer producing process includes: composting horse manure, granulating organic fertilizer and post-processing. And build horse manure composting system to dispose horse waste in your organic fertilizer manufacturing plant. According to the scale of the horse manure, you can choose different scales composting systems. However, regardless of large-scale or small-scale composting systems, the process of horse manure composting includes the following steps.

Dehydrate fresh horse manure.

Why dehydrate fresh horse manure? Usually, the water content of fresh horse manure is 76%. And the high water content is not conducive to fermentation. Therefore, the horse manure should be dehydrated with our solid-liquid separator machine before fermentation.

Fresh Horse Manure Dewatering Machine
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How to turn horse manure during composting process?

The dehydrated horse manure can be used for composting and fermentation. And we usually use high temperature aerobic fermentation method to ferment horse manure. During the compost fermentation process, you need ensure that the temperature in the raw material pile is appropriate, and there is sufficient oxygen. So you need to turn the fermentation pile regularly. Only in this way can horse manure ferment more thoroughly and you can get high-quality compost. When you turn the fermentation piles, you can use appropriate turning equipment according to the actual situation.

The following are two types composting turners provided by our company for your reference.

  1. Window composting turners. If you use this type compost turner, you need to pile up the horse waste into a strip pile on the ground. And we can provide you with crawler type compost turner and moving type compost turner. the self-moving type compost turner is an energy-saving equipment with simple operation and flexible movement. While the crawler type compost turner is the most economical mode of saving soil and human resources at present.
  2. Trench groove type composting machines. We can not only provide you with a wheel type compost turning machine that suitable for large-scale composting, but also customize a groove type compost turner which suitable for you. In addition, there is also a chain-plate compost turning machine for deep groove operations.

If you want to know more about our equipment, please contact us now, we will provide you with the best quality products.

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How to make more money with horse manure?

If the horse manure is fully fermented, you have completed the management of horse manure without pollution. But if you want to make more money from horse manure, you need to further process horse manure compost. There are two ways you can choose.

Packaging horse manure organic fertilizer powder to sell.

You can use our drum screening machine to screen the decomposed horse manure, and sift out the stones and other wastes in the material. Then the sifted fertilizer is transported to the automatic packing scale through a belt conveyor for measurement and packaging. In this way, you can obtain powdered horse manure organic fertilizer products, which you can sell to farmers in need for profit.

Producing horse manure pellet fertilizer to sell.

Horse manure compost can also be produced granular organic fertilizer through a granulation system. This is not only conducive to the storage of organic fertilizer, but also can improve the quality of horse manure organic fertilizer. Granulation system and post-processing system include fertilizer screening, mixing, granulation, drying and cooling, and bagging.

Granulating System for Producing Horse Manure Organic Fertilizer Pellets
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How to produce horse manure fertilizer granules?

What are other machines for making granular horse manure fertilizer?

The granular horse manure fertilizer production line that we provide includes the following key machines.

  • Nodulizer machine. Our nodulizer machine is an ideal equipment for horse manure organic fertilizer. You can use it produce the granular organic fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizer with horse manure. More importantly, the cost of this equipment is low, but the granulation rate can be as high as 93%.
  • Horizontal mixer. This blending machine can help you, when you want to add other materials into horse manure compost.
  • Double bucket automatic packing scale. Because the demand period of compost is mainly in the spring and autumn seasons, the horse manure fertilizer you produce should be easy to store. One way is that you can use our packaging equipment to pack them.

There are other fertilizer production lines with promising development prospects for you to choose, contact us now!

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Is horse manure a good raw material for making organic fertilizer?

Do you know what are the main ingredients in the horse manure? Horse manure contains 21% organic matter, 0.4%-0.5% nitrogen, 0.2%-0.3% phosphorus, and 0.35%-0.45% potassium. These organic matters are essential for making organic fertilizer. And horse manure contains more fiber decomposing bacteria, which can speed up the fermentation of horse manure. In addition, it also contains lignin, protein, fats, organic acids and various inorganic salts.

Dried Horse Manure Pellets Made from Horse Manure Fertilizer Production Line

Therefore, horse manure is a good raw material, you can use it to produce organic fertilizer. And fully fermented horse manure can be applied to improve the physical properties of clay and other soils.

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How to manage horse manure in your fertilizer plant?

Some tips on horse manure management for you.

In order to manage horse manure, there are some tips you can adopt in your horse manure management process.

  1. During the horse manure pretreatment stage, you should take care to prevent the leakage of odor and sewage.
  2. During the fermentation and composting process, the starter and horse manure must be mixed well. It is important for you to adjust the appropriate carbon-nitrogen ratio. Generally, you can add some straws and rice straws during fermentation. In addition, when you built horse manure fermentation pile, you should notice its height and width. Because too large or too small fermentation pile will affect the speed of fermentation.
  3. In the post-processing stage, dust prevention measures should be taken. You can use our dust collector to prevent secondary pollution from dust to the environment.
  4. You can add pig manure to horse manure to ferment. Because the content of humus in pig manure is very high, the use of horse manure and pig manure together can improve fertilizer efficiency.

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