Why composting chicken poop is popular?

Composting chicken poop is a common and effective way to treat chicken manure. And fermented and composted chicken poop can be used as a good organic fertilizer. Therefore, many large organic fertilizer plants like this method of composting chicken poop.

Do you know why chicken manure should be fermented and composted? Can you use unfermented chicken manure for farm fertilization? The answer is that chicken manure cannot be used directly. Because the original chicken manure contains excessive heavy metals, a large number of pest eggs. If you just throw it to the farmland, when the temperature and humidity are right, the chicken manure will also ferment. And the fermentation will generate heat and harm plant growth.

However, the thoroughly fermented chicken manure is a kind of high-quality organic fertilizer. Because it not only contains a lot of good organic matter, but also contains high nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. So high-quality chicken manure compost can increase the microorganisms in the soil, improve the soil. In addition it can significantly improve the quality of agricultural products.

Composting Chicken Manure Process
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How to compost your chicken manure in short time?

Technological conditions of composting chicken poop into organic fertilizer.

With advanced mechanical technology, turning chicken manure into organic fertilizer is the main method to effectively treat chicken manure. And now, the common technology is aerobic fermentation. But when you adopt aerobic fermentation composting process to compost chicken poop, you require to meet the following technologic conditions.

  • Suitable raw materials and auxiliary materials.

When you use chicken manure as raw material, you should make sure the suitable ratio of chicken manure and accessories is 3:1. In addition, you can use dry straw, corn stalk, fallen leaves, soybean stems and other organic matter as auxiliary materials to adjust C/ N.

  • Suitable material humidity and fermentation temperature.

In addition to adjusting the C/N, you also need to ensure that the material has the right fermentation humidity. And the most suitable humidity for microbial fermentation is 50%-60%. If the humidity is too high, there is a higher chance of not fermenting.

In the chicken manure fermenting process, the fermention temperature will afect activity of bacteria. So you need control the right temprature. And in the actual production process, the fermentation temperature will be affected by the season to a certain extent. The summer temperature is high, in order to maintain a suitable temperature, the frequency of turning is relatively increased. However, the winter temperature is low, the frequency of turning will be reduced.

  • Sufficient oxygen.

Sufficient oxygen is also necessary for the chicken manure fermentation. Because composting chicken poop process belongs to aerobic fermentation process, which requires sufficient oxygen. However, the air circulation in the chicken manure pile is slow, so we always use turning equipment to turn the chicken poop for sufficient oxygen.

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What do you need to do in composting chicken manure process?

How to compost dry chicken poop and fresh chicken poop?

The main difference between dry chicken poop and fresh chicken poop is the difference in water content. Usually, you can get dry chicken manure by drying the fresh chicken manure. So that its water content is extremely low. But fresh chicken poop has high moisture content, generally 70%-80%. Neither dried chicken manure nor fresh chicken manure can be directly fermented.

  • Before you ferment dry chicken manure, you need spread them evenly on the ground and pour with an appropriate amount of water (usually at a specific gravity of 30%-40%). After the water is completely absorbed, you can use it to make compost.
  • The fresh chicken poop needs dewatering to make the water content of the chicken poop reach a level suitable for fermentation. You can use a solid-liquid separator for this step.

The processed dry chicken manure or fresh chicken manure can be composted according to the normal composting process.

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Aerobic chicken poop composting machine.

The Aerobic chicken poop composting machines you can choose are as follows:

  • Groove type chicken poop compost turning machine.

The first machine we’re going to talk about is the groove-type chicken poop compost turning machine, which you can use it to ferment and turn chicken poop in your plant. And there are some product information for your reference.

  • Features of groove type chicken litter compost turning machine.
  1. The machine uses deep-groove design and long-distance dumping technology to effectively treat organic waste with lower energy consumption and limited ground area.
  2. The machine is compact and durable. The equipment uses a special chain and the lifting system adopts hydraulic drive to run smoothly.
  3. This turning equipment adopts orbital operation mode, making the production process safer and more reliable, and easy to maintain.
  4. High degree of automation, simple operation, saving manpower.
Groove Type Chicken Poop Compost Turner
Groove type Indoor Compost Machine for Sale
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  • Composting chicken poop with wheel type compost turner.

Wheel type compost turner is so convenient for composting large-scale chicken poop. So that you can use it to turn chicken manure with large span and high depth.

  • What are the benefits of using wheel type chicken litter compost turner?
  1. The machine has a large production capacity, and is mainly suitable for large-scale chicken manure fertilizer production lines.
  2. Compact structure, advanced technology. It uses a unique groove continuous aerobic fermentation technology to quickly decompose, dewater, sterilize and deodorize chicken manure, thereby obtaining usable chicken manure compost.
  3. Sturdy Components. Sturdy and durable stirring teeth crush and turn chicken manure.
  4. Save space and high turning efficiency. Compared with the traditional groove-type compost turning machine, wheel type chicken poop compost turner greatly saves space, and it can turn the stack without dead ends, turn evenly.
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How to compost your chicken manure by using wheel type compost turner?

  • chain plate type compost turner in the chicken manure composting plant.

Chain type Chicken Manure composting machine In SX
Chain type Compost Machine Made by SEEC

Chain plate type chicken poop compost turner can not only run smoothly, but also has highn turning efficiency. When you use it to dispose chicken poop, it can effectively shorten the fermentation cycle and improve production efficiency and product quality. In addition, the compost turner can perform deep tank operations well.

  • The reasons you use chain plate type chicken poop compost turner
  1. Using chain drive, rolling support plate structure. It has small resistance and saves energy when turning the organic materials.
  2. The turning pallet is specially equipped with removable wear-resistant toothed knives, which has strong crushing ability which can have more oxygen in the material pile.
  3. Flexible at work. It can move horizontally and vertically to realize turning operations at any position in the groove.
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  • Chicken poop fermentation pot.

The advantages of the chicken manure fermentation pot are to save fermentation time, occupy a small area, and reduce environmental pollution. It is less affected by outside temperature changes and you can use it all year round.

  • What features of chicken poop fermentation pot?
  1. Wide range of usage. You can not only use it to treat chicken poop, but pig manure, cattle manure, sheep manure, mushroom waste, Chinese medicine waste, crop straw and other organic litter can be treat using it.
  2. There is no waste water, waste gas, waste residue discharge and no pollution.
  3. The machine has different capacities and styles to choose. According to your requirements, we can customize 5-150 m3 different capacity and different forms of fermentation tanks.
No Pollution Chicken Poop Fermentation Pot
In-vessel Compost Machine for Farm Manure Waste Disposal
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  • Use crawler type compost turning machine to dispose chicken poop.

The crawler type chicken poop compost turner is a large-scale turning equipment for processing your stacked chicken manure. It is also a multi-functional turning machine that integrates fermentation, mixing, crushing and shifting.

  • How to make fertilizer from chicken poop with crawler type turning machine?
  1. It adopts crawler walking design, only one person can complete forward, backward, turn, and the contact surface between the crawler and the ground is larger, the machine will not slip and runs more smoothly.
  2. The machine uses a high-quality rotating knife shaft to crush the material, which solves the problem of the production capacity being restricted by the crusher.
  3. The machine has less energy consumption and reduced cost input to make fertilizer from chicken manure.
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  • Why is using self-moving type compost turner to compost chicken manure so popular?

The self-moving type chicken poop compost turner is currently widely used fermentation and compost turning machine. Because it has low requirements on the workplace, you can compost chicken poop in an open field or in a greenhouse.

  • Advantages of self-moving type chicken poop compost turner.
  1. The machine uses four non-slip wheels for flexible movement.
  2. The energy consumption is low, and output is high, which reduces the production cost of bio-organic fertilizer. Calculated according to the technical parameters of the machine, it can turn more than 300 cubic meters of fresh chicken manure per hour. It can be converted into more than 100-150 tons of synthetic fertilizer.
  3. Low price, lower investment.
Self-Propelled Compost Turner For Chicken Poop Composting
Self-Propelled Compost Turner for Commercial Composting Plant
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How to use small compost turner to handle chicken  manure?

How to ensure sanitation in composting chicken poop?

Environmental sanitation has always been an issue that you should pay attention to. So how should you ensure environmental sanitation when composting chicken manure? Maybe you can pay attention to the following aspects.

  • Transportation of chicken manure.

Firstly, you should seal the chicken poop during transportation and be away from the main road to reduce environmental pollution.

Then, you can use deodorization and nitrogen preservation technology to reduce environmental pollution, when composting chicken manure. Because chicken manure contains a lot of nitrogen, which is easy to produce odor during the fermentation process. It will not only seriously endanger environmental sanitation, but also cause the loss of nitrogen and reduce the nutrient content in the product.

  • Control temperature.

It is also important to control the temperature. The high temperature generated by fermentation kills pathogenic bacteria and insect eggs in chicken manure, which solves the problem of sanitation and safety to a certain extent.

  • Standard use of compost turning equipment.

Standard use of compost turning machine can help chicken manure ferment more thoroughly. And thoroughly fermented chicken manure contains less harmful substances and has minimal harm to sanitation.

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What can large-scale composting chicken poop bring you?

Now, you know that large-scale composting chicken poop can bring good ecological, social and economic benefits.

From the perspective of ecological and social benefits, composting chicken poop into organic fertilizer is the best way to use for the farmyard, which can improve the soil. At the same time, large-scale composting chicken poop also solves the environmental sanitation problem of large amounts of chicken manure.

In terms of economic benefits, large-scale organic chicken manure fertilizer has the following two aspects to bring good profits.

  • Sell chicken manure compost and organic chicken manure granules.

First of all, you can package and sell the completely fermented chicken manure compost, so that you can obtain some profits.

But if you want to get more profits, it is a good choice to further process the chicken manure compost into organic granular fertilizer. And it is not difficult to make organic granular fertilizer. If you want to do it, we can provide you with suitable granulating equipment and other supporting equipment.

  • Mixing chicken manure fertilizer with other fertilizer.

In addition to selling simple chicken manure fertilizer, you can also mix chicken manure fertilizer with other raw material fertilizers. So that you can sell fertilizer rich in organic nutrients with higher price. And the process of mixing fertilizer is very simple. If you have ideas about organic fertilizer and the relative machines, you can contact us.

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