Compost making machine in Australia.

Compost making machine is the key equipment in the organic fertilizer manufacturing plants. But do you know how to select a compost turner machine for your plant? Now, you can look at the follow case, and you will know how we designed the best composting solution for Australian customers.

Windrow Compost Turner Shipped to Australia
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How to compost sheep manure in your fertilizer plant?

Why should Australian customers buy composting equipment?

Learning the customers needs is the our first step. Because only by knowing the details of the customer can we provide accurate services.

In their first email, they told us that they can produce approximately 7-10 mt of untreated manure per day in a sheep abattoir. However,  they do not know how to manage it. So, they need machines to help compost manure. Just like many farm owner, they want to process compost fertilizer from sheep manure to earn more money.

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Send us your needs for setting up an organic fertilizer plant.

What machines do Australia customers need for setting up a compost fertilizer plant?

The complete compost making process includes: raw materials dewatering, crushing, manure and fermentation bacteria mixing, composting and compost fertilizer screening, packaging organic fertilizer. So, when Australian clients produce compost fertilizer, they need use some fertilizer machines.

The complete compost making machines.

  1. Manure separator for reduce the sheep manure moisture. Generally speaking, the sheep dung from the farm is mixed with urine. But the manure water content required for composting should be around 50%. Therefore, we equipped a manure dewatering machine for our Australian customers.
  2. Raw materials grinder for composting better. In a small scale organic fertilizer plant, a SXSF-60 semi-wet material crusher can treat 3 t/h sheep manure.
  3. Fertilizer blender in the organic powder fertilizer production line. In order to make compost better, you need add some fermentation bacteria in manure piles. Then, you can use the blender to mix them evenly.
  4. Composting is the important step for organic fertilizer production. Here, we have some compost turner for you. And windrow composting machine and groove type compost turner are the best-selling machines in our factory. Our Australian customers bought a self-propelled compost machine last week.
  5. Screening machine for get qualified organic fertilizer. After fermentation, there may be some big lumps, you need use this equipment to screen them out.
  6. Then, you can use automatic packing machine to bag the organic fertilizer.
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What raw materials can be dispose using our compost making machines?

Our compost machines not only can use to treat sheep manure, but also chicken poop, pig farm waste, cow dung and other organic materials. And all kinds of fertilizer machines has different capacities. In addition, we have advanced fertilizer equipment makers, we can customize the machines for you. So, if you want to build a right fertilizer plant to handle your animal manure, you can send us your needs. Whether large scale compost turning machine or small compost turner, we can meet your requirement.

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