How to compost pig manure?

How to compost pig manure? This question has been explored many years ago. At present, we always adopt aerobic fermentation to compost pig waste. And after fully decomposed, pig manure can become high quality manure mixture for fertilizing. Then you can use it as high-grade base fertilizer for plant crops or commercial fertilizer to sale.

The following is the answer of composting pig manure.

  1. Pig manure collection. Firstly, you should gather pig waste and put it in the special place, such as in a groove or on an open ground.
  2. Regulate moisture. If your raw material is dry pig manure, you should add water to adjust it. But if you use fresh pig manure, you should adopt proper dehydration treatment. In short, the moisture content of the raw materials must be suitable for fermentation.
  3. control temperature. In the process of composting, you should control the fermentation temperature to below 70℃ (fermentation in indoor or greenhouse as far as possible in winter).
  4. Use compost turning machine. The key to how to compost pig manure is that it needs to work at right conditions. And because of our aerobic fermentation technology, ventilation and oxygen are very important. So, we usually use composting turners to mix pig manure for ventilation.
  5. Fermentation is completed. When material was dark brown and the temperature began to drop to normal temperature, it indicates that the pig manure fermentation is finished.
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How to manage pig manure in your fertilizer plant?

Pig manure before and after composting.

There many differences you need to know between pig manure before and after composting.

As you learn that fresh pig poop is rich in organic matter, but it also contains a lot of volatile substances, pathogenic microorganisms, parasite eggs and heavy metals. In addition, fresh pig poop can produce unpleasant smell. Therefore, you can not use uncomposted pig manure directly.

But the managed pig manure has no bad smell and bacteria or parasite eggs. At the same time, the bacteria protein and metabolites of the flora are produced in the fermented fertilizer to supplement nutrients. So, you can use it for farmland to improve soil and increase crop yield.

BeforeSwine Manure Compost Produced by SX Fermenter
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How to compost pig manure in your plant?

How long does pig manure need to compost?

With the help of composting equipment, your pig manure piles can become thoroughly decomposed after about 7-10 days. Generally speaking, the sign of full compost contains: the temperature of pile reduces to normal temperature without original foul smell of pig manure. Compared with the traditional composting method, the processing time is reduced by 7-8 times.

If you use the traditional composting method, composting pig litter thoroughly needs about 3 months. This method not only takes a long time, but also has heavy odor during fermentation, pollutes the environment, and has serious nutrient loss.

How many days can get pig manure compost with the modern compost method?

After many people’s research on how to compost pig manure, the technology has made a great breakthrough. To a certain extent, the fermentation time is gradually shortening. Now you can adopt more environmentally friendly methods for centralized composting, which can shorten the fermentation time to 7-10 days.

High temperature fermentation technology promotes the rapid fermentation of pig manure, and at the same time, high temperature can kill the bacteria and insect eggs in it. And in the process of composting pig manure, composting equipment will help you mix, crush and turn, etc., to make work more efficient. With the help of composting machine, the time of the composting pig manure is shortened obviously.

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How many days do you need to manage pig manure?

What are the main machines for composting pig manure?

You have known how to compost pig manure and the use of composting equipment can shorten the fermentation time of pig manure. Next, you should get to know the main equipment for its fermentation and composting.

Organic fertilizer fermentation pot for composting pig manure.

The organic fertilizer fermentation pot is the best choice to realize the resource utilization of pig waste materials for most farms, circular agriculture, ecological agriculture and organic fertilizer manufactures. The pig manure fermentation pot provided by SHUNXIN not only uses a closed tank body and heat insulation treatment, but also uses a hydraulic drive with large thrust and an energy-saving design. You will like it because the following reasons.

  1. The closed tank can prevent the waste gas during the fermentation process and avoid secondary pollution.
  2. We use special materials for heat preservation inside the tank. And they can solves the problem that fermentation is affected by external temperature. So, you can compost pig manure all year round.
  3. The hydraulic drive makes the fermentation tank run smoothly, turning evenly and improving efficiency. At the same time, the compost machine can largely save site occupy and so on.
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What the compost machine price is?

Wheel type compost turner for large-scale pig manure.

If you have large-scale pig manure in your fertilizer plant, you should need a windrow compost turner. Because, this large scale compost turning machine is suitable for the fermentation with large span and high depth of pig manure. The information of wheel type compost turner provided by SHUNXIN is can be used as a reference, if you are going to buy one.

  • Compact structure and advanced technology. Its structure is compact and strong for efficient and easy composting. It uses the advanced technology to make composting more efficient.
  • Low energy consumption. The machine use speed-regulating trolley to shift left and right, achieving the big span with low energy consumption.
  • High turning depth and large turning span. Wheel type compost turner can work well in the groove with a depth of 1.5-3 meters and a span of 30 meters.
  • High degree of automation. The equipment is equipped with fully automated electrical control system, no need operation when the turner working.
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Self-moving type compost turner for small-scale pig manure.

If you have small-scale pig manure or you want to establish a small-sized organic plant, it is nice for you to have the self-moving type compost turner. Self-moving type turner is used to turn pig waste, which has a lot of advantages.

  1. Reasonable structure, safe and reliable. The overall structure of our machine is reasonable. And the whole machine has good rigidity, balanced force, stable and reliable performance. It is easy to control and has strong applicability to the site. Except for the strong frame, the parts are all standard parts, which are easy to use and maintain.
  2. Low price and high efficiency. The price of the machine is relatively low, reducing investment costs. But it can effectively mix poultry manure to create a good aerobic environment for the fermentation of materials. The pig manure is in this loose material state, the fermentation temperature is controlled at 60-70℃, and the fermentation can be completed by maintaining it for 3-4 days.
  3. Adopt the advanced fermentation technology. The advanced fermentation technology is microbial aerobic fermentation. Our composting turner uses the technology to treat pig waste, so that the fermentation bacteria in materials have the space to fully exert their functions.
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What are the benefits of pig manure compost fertilizer?

Like most compost fertilizers, using pig manure compost can bring you many benefits.

  • Enhance the ability of your land to resist cold and drought. Continuous applying pig manure fertilizer will enrich the soil, then the soil will become more and more fertile, so the land is resistant to the cold and drought.
  • Improve your soil and reduce salt damage. Adjust the acidity and alkalinity, balance soil PH, increase the permeability of soil, and promote the formation of granule structure.
  • Increase the microbial content in your soil. Using the pig manure fertilizer can increase the good microbial content and inhibit the growth and reproduction of the pathogenic bacteria.
  • Significantly improve your product quality, reduce the residues of pesticide and fertilizer.
  • Environment protection, reduce the risk of contamination and health.
The Usage of Pig Mnaure Fertilizer
Pig Manure Fertilizer Granular Fertilizer Made By Pan Granulator
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Can you compost with pig manure?

As long as you have a certain amount of pig manure, you can start your composting business. And if now you want to compost pig manure, you should prepare the composting site and raw materials first. Then, it is also important for you to buy suitable composting turner. However, SHUNXIN can provide you with the fermentation compost equipment and organic fertilizer production lines.

Our machines are not only ex-factory prices, but also the quality is top-notch. In addition, we have a one-stop service of customization, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and technical training. If you are interested in our products or company, you can contact us.

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