Fertilizer packing machine for bagging fertilizer.

Fertilizer packaging machine is an equipment thst you can use to package fertilizer. In your fertilizer manufacturing plant, you can use it to bag organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer or other pellets.

And the fertilizer packager mainly has four parts: automatic weighing device, conveying device, sewing device, computer control. Therefore, when you use the automatic fertilizer packaging machine in your fertilizer production line, it can help you pack fertilizer quantitatively and automatically. In addition, we produce two kinds of fertilizer packing machine, double bucket automatic packaging scale and single bucket automatic packaging scale. And our fertilizer packing machines not only have the advantages of reasonable structure and convenient operation, but also save energy and electricity.

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What is the packaging process of the fertilizer packing machine?

The packaging process of the fertilizer packing machine is an automatic. So when you use it, how does work? We take our packing machine as an exmple, and it mainly including the following processes.

  1. Feeding and weighing process. When you start the packing machine, it will be in the automatic operation state. Then the weighing control system opens the door to start feeding. When the weight of material reaches the final set value, feeding door is closed.
  2. Bagging process. After the fertilizer packing machine complete dynamic weighing process, it will detect the bag clamping device. If the bag is clamped, system sends out the control signal to open the weigh hopper discharge gate. Then the material is put out into the bag.
  3. Sewing and unloading system. After unloading the material, the machine will loosen the bag clamping device. Then the bag is sewn and transported to the next station.
Granular Fertilizer Packing Machine
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  • Some tips of using fertilizer packing machine.

Before you use the fertilizer packing machine, you should  install it behind screening machine and set the weight of each bag of fertilizer, according to your customer’s requirements.

In the packaging process, you need 1-2 people who need to supply the packing bags to the machine. And if you do not have an automatic stacker, you will also need workers to help you put packed fertilizer in place.

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How does the bagging machine work?

What are the features of the fertilizer packing machine?

The fertilizer packaging machine is the last equipment of an automated fertilizer production line. A good fertilizer packaging machine can not only make your production line more automatic, but also save you more manpower and costs.

  1. Our packing machine is suitable for woven bags, cloth bags, sack, plastic bags, etc.
  2. The packaging machine uses an independent weighing system with high weighing accuracy and fast speed.
  3. You can set the weight parameters. And you can observe the working condition of the equipment intuitively through the display screen.
  4. Quantitative range is wide with high precision. And matching table can go up and down for conveying bags.

Wide application of automatic fertilizer packing equipment.

Our fertilizer packaging equipment can not only pack organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, but also help you pack other powder or granular materials.

  1. Other fertilizer. urea fertilizer, ammonium phosphate, BB fertilizer, potash fertilizer, etc.
  2. Grain. Corn, sorghum, soybean, rice, wheat, millet and so on.
  3. Chemical materials. some chemical powders or particles, like sodium chlorite, you can also our packing machine to pack them.

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Wide Application of Fertilizer Packer

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