Fertilizer pellets polishing machine in SX.

The fertilizer granule polishing machine is a fertilizer particle beauty machine. It can make irregular fertilizer particles into a spherical shape.

And it can polish and deburr all kinds of fertilizers with uneven shapes, then produce spherical fertilizers with beautiful shapes. With the help of the fertiliser polishing equipment, you can get beautiful fertilizer granules. In addition, it can make your fertilizer granules more popular in the highly competitive market.

If you want to increase the commercial value of fertilizer, SX auto fertilizer polishing machine will be a good choice. Because our fertilizer pellet polishing machine polishing rate can reach 98%. What’s more, the granules can be pelletized at one time without returning material.

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How to polish fertilizer pellets in your fertilizer factory?

How does the fertilizer granule polishing machine polish pellets?

Our fertilizer ball shaping machine has one, two, or three polishing cylinders (choose the number of cylinders according to your needs). Now, we take a fertilizer polishing machine with 3 polishing cylinders as an example.

When you feed raw materials into the the polishing cylinders, the polishing machine begins to run. Through high speed rotation, the granules turn spherical and flow into the next polishing cylinder through the outlet. Then the granules continue to be polished until them flow out the fertilizer round polishing machine. And the finished fertilizer pellets have the same particle size, high density, round and smooth, and high hardness.

Fertilizer Polishing Equipment for Producing More Beauty Pellets
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How to manage horse manure in your fertilizer plant?

Why use fertilizer pellet polishing machine to polish granules?

With the rapid development of the fertilizer industry, more and more fertilizer production plants appear. If you want to stand out among many fertilizer manufacturers, your products need to be competitive. In other words, your products must not only be of high quality, but also conform to the public’s aesthetics. The fertilizer polishing machine can help you meet these needs of customers. Because the fertilizer polishing machine can not only make the particles more beautiful, but also can improve the quality.

Fertilizer Granules Polished by Fertilizer Deburring Polishing Machine

During the polishing processreduce, it can reduce the temperature and water content of the fertilizer, and increase the hardness of particles. Therefore, the fertilizer polishing machine can make your fertilizer particles better, and at the same time, bring you more economic benefits.

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How to get more beautiful fertilizer granules in your plant?

The fertilizer granule polishing machine applications.

The fertilizer deburring polishing machine can be used to polish all kinds of fertilizers alone, and you can also use it in the fertilizer production lines. But in the fertilizer production line, you should install the fertilizer polishing equipment behind granulators. In addition to fertilizer, you can also polish the raw materials of producting fertilizer.

  • Animal manure. Chicken manure, cow manure, pig manure, horse manure, sheep manure and so on.
  • Agriculture waste. Straws, mushroom residues, bio-gas residues, etc.
  • Industrial waste. Sugar residues, lees, vinegar residues and other materials.

In short, our fertilizer pellet polishing machine has wide adaptability and high polishing efficiency. If you want to make your organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer more competitive, buying a fertilizer polishing machine is an excellent choice.

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