Manure grinder machine in SX.

Manure grinder mahcine is an auxiliary equipment in fertilizer production plants. It can crush the composted manure into fine powder. Then you can use fine powder organic fertilizer to sell or process fertilizer pellets. And you can also use it grind the returning materials from fertilizer granulating line.

As a fertilizer equipment manufaturer, we have various fertilizer grinders for you in SX machinery factory. In addition, we can customized one to meet your requirment. Next, we will tell you how to use it to process organic & compound fertilizer.

Vertical Cow Manure Grinder

Vertical Cow Manure Grinder

The working process of the manure grinder.

Here, we will take our new vertical manure grinder as an example for your reference.

The design of SX fertilizer grinder.

Our manure pulverizer is composed of a lower frame, a casing, an upper and lower shaft seat, a main shaft, a hammer head, a hammer head bracket, a belt pulley, a motor frame, etc. And the power is driven by the triangle to drive the main shaft to rotate, and the main shaft has two upper and lower bearing seats. In addition, we equiped the bearing seat on the upper and lower ends of the casing, and the feeding hopper on the upper part of the casing. There is a valve for easy disassembly and maintenance.

Semi-Wet Crusher for Composted Cow Dung

Semi-Wet Crusher for Composted Manure

How does work the manure crushing machine?

When the machine working, the spring steel hammer and the Mn steel composite blade are rotated to crush the material. Then the processed fertilizer is discharged from the discharge port and enters the next process flow.

The manure grinder price in SX.

In SX, we not only have new vertical crusher, sei-wet manure grinder, but also have cage crusher, chain crushing machine and so on. And they all have different characterials, and have different prices. But all manure grinders prices is factory price for you. So, you can get a large output fertilizer crusher for your fertilizer plants. And if you want to get the machines price list, you can contact us.