Rotary drum granulator is a fertilizer pellets machine. And it is always used in organic fertilizer production line or compound fertilizer plants. Now, if you have a drum granulator machine in your fertilizer plant, how to make it have a long service life? Here, we will share some methods to maintain your rotary granulator machine.

Check the machine regularly.

In addition to paying attention to the operation of the machine when it is running, you also need to regularly check the motor, bearings and other components of the drum granulator. Generally, you can check the machine once a week. For example, when you find that the wear parts are worn out, you should replace them in time and so on.

Rotary Drum Granulator for Fertilizer Pellet Production

Rotary Drum Granulator for Fertilizer Pellet Production

Add lubricating oil on the following parts.

  1. Rotating bearing and rolling bearing. The rotating bearing and rolling bearing take on the full load of the rotary granulators, and god lubrication has a great relationship with the machine service life. So, you need use the best oil and lubricate them regularly.
  2. All the gearwheel. The rotary drum granulator machine adopts the drum rolling to process fertilizer pellets. Therefore, you need make sure that the gearwheel is good for production.
Quality Gears Used for Our Machines

Quality Gears Used for Our Machines

Other solutions to prolong the service life of the fertilizer pellet machine.

  1. Pay attention to the bearing oil temperature. When it rises over the normal temperture, you should stop the machine immediately to check.
  2. In the work process of the drum granulator machine, if you hear the impact sound, you must stop it, and then immediately to check.
  3. All our machines are quality guaranteed, and we promise to provide a 12-month warranty. If there is any problem with the machine, you can contact us.

In addition, the rotary drum fertilizer pellet machine adopts wet granulation technology. And we also have this type fertilizer pelletizers, such as pan granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator, etc.