Double roller granulator in Canada.

Double roll granulating machine is the key equipment in the compound fertilizer production line. And we designed the granulator with advanced technology. And it is mainly composed of a motor, a reducer, a pair of roller shins and a crushing screen. In addition, it adopts dry granulating method to process high, medium and low concentration fertilizer. Therefore, since the roller granulator appeared on the market, it has attracted the attention of many fertilizer plants. Now, we take the Canadian customer as an example for your reference.

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About the Canadian customer needs.

When our professional salesman receives Canadian customers’ email, and learn the basic information about their fertilizer production. The details are as follows:

  1. Raw material: rock phosphate, and the powder size is ground to 100mesh and below.
  2. Capacity: 5 tons per hour.
  3. Fertilizer granules size: our customers want to process the compound fertilizer pellets and the granules size at 3mm.
  4. Double roller granulator details: 460volt 60 Hz or ship without motor. Because they can set a motor by themselves. And the horsepower of 3 tons per hour double roller granulating machine needs 37 KW.

According to our Canadian requirements, we recommend the SXDJ-3T double roller extrusion fertilizer granulator to meet their needs.

Model Powder Granule Diameters Roller Sheet Size Dimensions
SXDG-3T 37KW 3-5 mm 300*300 1850*1100*2050
Marketing Expert

Senior Plant Design Engineer

What do Canadian customers need?

What about SXDJ-3T double roller granulator?

Regarding the roller granulator, our customer from Canada asked for more details. If you need to buy a double-roll granulator, these professional questions will make you better understand this granulation machine.

  • How many tons will a set of rolls granulate before worn out?

The fertilizer pelletizer can produce 3 tons per hour. And we equipped with automatic cleaning scrapers on both sides of the roller skin mold lower end, which can effectively prevent materials from sticking to the roller skin. And this can also extend the service life of the roller skin.

roller sheets of our double roller extrusion granulator
Double Roller Granulator in Fertilizer Production Line
stainless steel roller sheets used for the granulator

  • What is the cost of replacement rolls?

Because we have different model with different sizes and shapes. And different model size rolls prices are different. So there is no detailed price is provided to you. But you can tell us your raw materials size and needs, we can send you real quotation with our rolls price.

  • How much compound fertilizer can your largest machine produce per hour?

At present, the largest double roll granulating machine in our factory can process fertilizer with 3 t/h. But it can meet the most fertilizer production in large scale fertilizer plants. And our granulating machine feeding size can be 50-200 mesh.

In addition to this type granulator, we also have wet type granulating machines (pan/disc granulator, rotary granulator, new type organic fertilizer pelletizer) and flat die granulator for you. So, if you have other question about our fertilizer granulators, you can email or call us every time.

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What is the granulator price in US dollars?

Our double-roll granulator has a processing capacity of 1 ton, 1.5 tons, 2 tons and 3 tons per hour. Generally speaking, the price of small machines is lower than that of large machines. In addition, our machines also support customization, but the cost of customized machines is slightly higher than standard machines. And, our customer sends us the message: We want to purchase, we also need to calculate a different CIF price or FOB price according to different regions.

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