Windrow composting is a method of producing organic fertilizer by pilling animal manure and other organic materials in long rows. And this way  is suitable for producing large volumes of compost. These rows are generally turned to improve porosity and oxygen content, mix in or remove moisture of the pile.

Because you adpot the compost process is aerobic fermentation. For getting better compost, you need control the temperature and moisture of the stockpile and ensure sufficient oxygen. Therefore, the composting machines become the key equipemnt for fertilizer plants. In addition, the common windrow composting machines are crawler type compost turner, self-moving type compost turning machine, etc.

Windrow Composting Equipment for Commercial Fertilizer Plant

Windrow Composting Equipment for Commercial Fertilizer Plant

The process of produce compost from manure.

  1. Crush and Mix raw materials. Before you make the compost pile, you need to treat the manure into the right particle size, then mix the raw materials evenly.
  2. Make manure pile. And the pile height can be 1-1.5 meters, the width can be 2-3 meters.
  3. Adjust moisture.When you use the fresh manure to make organic fertilizer, you can reduce the water content, if you use the dry manure, you should add some water in the pile.
  4. Turning the pile. In the compost process, the temperature can be too high nad the oxyen content may become lower, so, you need use the compost turning machine to handle them. Generally, in the middle of fermentation, you need to turn 2-3 times a day, but in the early and late stages, you can reduce turning times.
  5. Get the finished compost.  After 7-10 days, the temperature of the pile started to drop, then you can get the compost. And you can use it as the organic fertilizer to fertilize or sale.

In addition, the windrow composting machine is widely used for handling vernicomposting and sugar factory and tea factory filter residue composting, etc.